Friday, October 16, 2009

KangoGift’s Krazy Week

It’s been a bit nutty at KangoGift this week. Of course, we just launched last weekend, so we’re still on pins and needles about everything with our service working perfectly. Happy to report that so far, so good!

And we have some sweet news to share – sweet yet tart, come to think of it. This week, berryline agreed come on board as a KangoGift partner. If you haven’t had berryline frozen yogurt, you haven’t really experienced frozen yogurt! It is truly the best frozen yogurt I’ve had. Crazy, exotic flavors that are in constant rotation – Papaya, Nutella, Guava and Lychee to name a few. And a little cool tidbit on beryline: It was founded by an MIT post-doc science student. He tired of the academic routine and opted for fro-yo. Very cool guy, so it’s great to partner with him.

OK, so we’ve got berryline on board, and we should have their stuff available for purchase within the next few days. But then, on Wednesday, we get featured on a trendspotting site called Springwise. Headline title: Instant local gifts via text message. Something a bit wacky about this: Springwise is located out of Amsterdam! International media coverage! Anyhow, from that headline, we start getting some folks tweeting about us and blogging about us. And on top of that, we’ve had a handful of retailers from around the country contact us about trying to partner and offer their products as KangoGifts.

All very exciting stuff, and our heads are spinning a bit. We’ll see where it all goes.

OK, but enough about us. Here’s what we can offer YOU! We’re going to be down on the Charles River at the Head of the Charles Regatta on Saturday afternoon. We’ll be in our orange KangoGift t-shirts. If you see one of us, stop us! Then demand we give you one of our promo cards – because we’re giving out one heck of a good deal. Not gonna tell you what it is; we want it to be a good surprise for you and your friends.

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