Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pulling Back the Covers

This is a genuinely exciting weekend for us here at KangoGift HQ. This weekend we’re pulling back the covers on a service we’ve been developing for the past few months.

The name of our new company is KangoGift, and what we’re doing is offering a new way for folks to give gifts to one another. The concept is actually pretty simple, and here’s how it works:

  1. You go to and buy a gift for a friend
  2. You give us your friend’s mobile phone number, and we deliver a text message telling your friend that you bought him or her a present.
  3. Your friend can go and redeem that gift at one of our partners’ stores.

We think it’s pretty cool, and we’re hoping you think it’s cool, too.

We have dreams of one day having retail partners all over the country (all over the world?). Imagine being able to buy your sister in San Diego a Sundae, or your buddy in Boulder a burrito. Within minutes, people thousands of miles away could be enjoying gifts you’ve gotten them.

But for now, we’re launching in our neighborhood – Harvard Square. We’re really psyched that we’ve singed on a handful of awesome partners:

Finale Desserterie & Bakery: They create sensational dessert experiences

Petali Flower: They have a timeless and memorable style

Daedalus: 21st Century version of a Joycean pub

Trata: Not just pizza – an extended menu and beers from around the world

If you’ve got a friend who lives, works and goes to Harvard Square, you can get them a gift from anyone of those spots, and we’ll deliver it to their cell phone instantly.

Our official launch is at Oktoberfest in Harvard Square on Sunday. It’s our coming out party. And to celebrate, we’ll be giving away gifts (on us) to show folks how it all works.

Like I said, we think the idea is pretty cool. But more importantly, what do you think of it?

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