Monday, October 12, 2009

Wow, what a weekend...

KangoGift launched! We’re for real now.

The site went live on Saturday, and we had our first “marketing” event on Sunday – at Oktoberfest in Harvard Square. (and by the way, if you’ve never been to the Cambridge Oktoberfest, you gotta try it sometime in your life – if for no other reason than the parade)

So the small Kango team of friends and family set up shop under a tent right in the Square, and we encouraged the passerby to come “spin to win” on our wheel of gifts. We ended up giving away close to 400 gifts (mostly coffee and cookies) – delivered to people’s mobile phones. One of the really cool things was sending the KangoGifts from the laptops we had set up at the tent, then seeing them arrive on people's phones within seconds (so-called “old” technology still kind of blows you away sometimes). Then those same folks either marched on over to our partners to redeem their gifts, or they squirreled them away on their mobile phones for a rainy day.

People seemed to really like the whole KangoGift idea. We were even asked to send our business plan out to some folks who stopped by (um… better get going on that).

We want to offer a special thanks to Finale, who did a great job handling all the gift recipients we sent their way. If you’ve never been to Finale, you have to go and just ogle at their desserts; they’re like little pieces of sweet, buttery artwork.

All said, it was terrific launch weekend for KangoGift. If you got a KangoGift or have given a KangoGift, please let us know about the experience. We want to make this thing as good as we can make it!

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