Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hopping into a New Neighborhood

Time slips by too quickly! The original idea was to have a few blog posts every week, not a blog post every few weeks – but we’ve strarted to drift in that direction. We’ll get better. Really. We want to keep you posted on how things are going at KangoGift.

We continue to hop along. Here are some of the highlights:

We’re entering into a partnership with another great Harvard Square retailer, and soon enough, KangoGift will be able to offer ice cream! We’re not going to tell you which ice cream store we’re partnering with just yet, but it’s one of Harvard Square’s favorites.

We’re also expanding to Coolidge Corner in Brookline! We’ll have another post soon about who our partners are there.

And… we’ll be spreading out to other states very soon. We’ve had retailers in other parts of the country contact us about having their products be delivered as KangoGifts. Who are we to say no!?

If you’ve got ideas about retailers you’d like to see us partners with, please tell us! And for that matter, tell those retailers about us. We’re looking to partner with as many great partners as possible, and we’re sure you know about many that we don’t know about. Help clue us in by emailing us here: inquiries at

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