Saturday, November 14, 2009

KangoGift Brings Mobile Gifting to Coolidge Corner

Brrr. It’s only November, and Kango’s first Boston winter hasn't been kind to him -- being from the warmer climes, Kango's never had such dry skin and chapped lips. So Kango's all the more happy to welcome Melt, Brookline's new bath and skincare shop to KangoGift!

Melt's products moisturize and pamper any skin and are handmade in Colorado with all natural ingredients. And their clever names, not to mention delicious scents, have Kango hooked! Lotions, shave screams, body wash and hair products, you name it, come in scrumptious scents like Lickin’ the Beaters (vanilla cake batter), Circus of Pears (a concoction of ginger and pear), and Solar Flair (think orange marmalade). If you need a stronger defense against Old Man Winter, Kango's a fan of Melt's Moisture Therapy package in Thor – a peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol triple threat.

There's plenty here for the ladies and gents to indulge in. Their shave butter and prep oil have been hugely popular, and there's Get Fizzy With It – a decadent ball of bath oils and moisturizers that's been known to entice even bath-resistant kids into the tub. And hmm...for a romantic evening without the kids, there's our gift set of bath bubbles, massage bar, and scented candle.

To get people as excited as Kango is about Melt, Kango is offering everybody 10% off their purchases through December 1, 2009. Just enter promo code, "meltparty" at checkout!

Well, after a hard week of work, Kango's signing off and dipping his paws in Happy Feet - a tea tree oil soaking salts and moisturizing butter. Thanks, Coolidge Corner, for welcoming KangoGift to Brookline!

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