Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 : The Year of the Kango

These days, Kango measures time in days rather than months or years. It was a mere 81 days ago that we launched KangoGift to a riotous crowd at Oktoberfest in Harvard Square. And now we are at another milestone, 2010!

Kango doesn't have any new year's superstitions yet like wearing bright underwear, eating grapes, or eating seven meals in one day. However he is excited to ring in the new year with all of his new friends and is eternally grateful for all the support customers, fans, journalists, partners, parents, and kangaroos around the world have offered!

Kango promises 2010 will be filled with plenty of new gifts, fun free stuff, and general Kango merriment. Let's all open a bottle of champagne and tip our glasses to new friends, good health, and general prosperity for all!

Monday, December 14, 2009

KangoGift as Secret Santa

One of the coolest things about watching KangoGift grow is that users are uncovering neat ways to send a little KangoGift cheer this holiday season. We've noticed quite a few folks send KangoGifts as "Secret Santa, Hanukkah Harry, or just anonymously".

A lot of Secret Santas out there are figuring out how to anonymously send Christmas gifts using KangoGift. What a nifty way to spread holiday cheer. What fun mischief! There’s no danger of getting caught dropping off that holiday mug at your co-worker’s cubicle; no more trying to squeeze that Snowman Kit into those dorm mailboxes; and no more leaving a box of holiday candy on your friend’s car windshield, hoping hungry passersby and birds won’t get to it first.

Here’s how our clever users have been sending their mystery gifts. When you’re checking out, just leave your name off the sender’s name fields – and get creative! We’ve seen gifts go out from such people as:

First Name: Santa
Last Name: Claus

All your recipient will see is a KangoGift from “Santa Claus,” and you’ll have them racking their brains (or becoming believers again). So go ahead. Text them a little pick me up from Finale; a holiday ornament from Cambridge Artists Cooperative; flowers from Petali; or if they’ve been really good this year, treat them to lunch at Daedalus or Trata.

Kango’s first holiday season, and he’s feeling good about being one of Santa’s Little Helpers!