Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis' the Season for Giving

Did someone say free gifts? That's right... this year Kango has teamed up with a few cool partners who have made a limited number of gifts available for you to customize and send to any one's cell phone. 

We've even made a special page

What type of gifts you ask? Java Den on the University of Wisconsin Campus is offering free coffee to help you or a friend get through finals. 

Cassis Bakery in Beverly, MA is offering free pastries as a way to reward folks while they are out and about holiday shopping. 

Panache Coffee in Framingham, MA is also keeping people caffeinated after a busy afternoon of shopping the Natick Collection. 

Cakes Bakery in Arlington, MA and Milton, MA is celebrating their new store opening with free cupcakes. They are delicious and Kango suggests sending one to a friend and maybe one to yourself too. 

Silver Clay gifts near Harvard Square has generously donated $5 gift cards. Send one to help save a few bucks during holiday shopping or send one to a friend to pick up one of their unique products. 

We love combining mobile gifts and free! Please check out the new holiday section and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living the Lush Life

The phrase Lush Life may conjure two different meanings to our friends. 

For some, Lush Life may bring back John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman's beautiful rendition.  For most, the fabulous brand Lush leaps out! 

While we can't offer the style and skill of a Coltrane, we can excitedly report that you can spread the Lush love with a mobile gift!

We are proud to announce the availability of Lush gift cards for a few reasons. 

1. Lush is just awesome! Handmade and full of goodness! 

2. Lush was on your list of most requested brands

3. Each KangoGift has a barcode which is scannable in the store. Yes, it's a little nerdy, but all you have to do is flash your phone and walk out with your gift It's okay if you don't have a smartphone, the numeric code will work fine. 

4. The Lush gift card is accepted at all locations! So if you know someone who loves Lush in Hawaii go ahead and send them one. Actually, let us know and we'll hook you up with a free one! 

Tis the season for making your friends' days! We love instant gifts and have more stuff in-store! Stay tuned. 

Let us know what you think!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Kango Celebrates Entrepreneurship

This month Kango's hometown of Cambridge, MA is abuzz with entrepreneurial spirit. Startups around town are gathering to share their ideas on how to fuel the local innovation engine.

This engine is bursting with ideas that force us to reconsider what is possible. We are psyched about this community spirit and want to send some love to a few of the happenings going on next week. 

Boston Regional Entrepreneurship Week (BREW) is serving as an umbrella group uniting 100+ events across MA. Kango is proud to be working with the event's organizers to connect people with the official coffee brews. 

Many thanks go out to Rosie's Bakery and Beantowne Coffee for their generous support. :)

Everyone in the Boston area can text the word "BREW" to 32075 and receive a KangoGift for a free coffee!

Kango also needs to thank Bill Warner who is organizing the very popular unConference for sponsoring Kango's attendance. We all look forward to a great day connecting with the thought leaders around town.

It was almost a year ago that Kango introduced this mobile gifting concept and we are constantly amazed at the support everyone has offered us. This is due in large part to our customers, business partners, and the community that has mentored and guided us through these early days! Thanks everyone!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kango Loves "Foodie Nights"

Last week the Kango team had a blast presenting at the Mass Innovation "Foodie Nights" event. As our close friends know already, KangoGift tends to partner with restaurants because sharing one's love for food with friends is as old as time. We just use mobile technology to make the art of gift giving easier and with a little more flair.

In fact we've found many KangoGift users send gifts to make dessert dates or to celebrate special occasions. We are grateful that you all use Kango so regularly and are always looking to hear from you on places perfect for us.

Speaking of passion... we met some great new friends at the event including the folks from Eversave Boston, TopSprouts, 1FastBite, Batch Ice Cream, Boston Chocolate Tours, and MysteryMeet .

If you are in the Boston area, please take a moment to check out these new companies. They are doing great things for sustainability, artisanal hand-crafted food, and uniting like-minded food lovers and deserve our support. We look forward to working with them as we all look to share our excitement of eating.

And we'd like to extend an extra special thanks to Bobbi Carlton who coordinated the evening and deserves a round of applause for bringing together a great group of folks.

And here's a video of Thad's presentation if you want to see Kango in action!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier in Madison, Wis Embraces Mobile Gifting

Earlier this summer, a few passionate Kango users wrote in and asked to be able to send gifts to their friends in other cities. We listened carefully and started asking business owners in a few places if a service like KangoGift would be right for them.

Along the way, we had the pleasure to connect with Gail Ambrosisus who owns an award-winning chocolate store in Madison, Wis.

Calling her chocolate amazing may be an understatement. Just ask any of her many loyal followers. Or, ask the Food Network which just awarded her the "Best Little Box of Chocolates" in America.

We are grateful to Gail for helping KangoGift bring Mobile Gifting to Madison and look forward to making sure her chocoholics always have a way to stay connected.
Feel free to check out the press release or even send a gift to someone you may know out that way. The gold bellied Buddhas are our favorite!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Entrepreneur Magazine Calls KangoGift Brilliant! (And Bold!)

Hey, you trend-setters embracing Mobile Gifting – you’re ahead of the curve! You’ve been sharing your excitement and offering us enthusiastic support as we introduced this new concept to a lot of people who first said, “Huh? Gifts by phone?”

We thought we were operating under the radar until Entrepreneur Magazine named KangoGift one of the “100 Most Brilliant Ideas for 2010.” Yes, that glossy magazine that lists the Who’s Who of who’s on the cutting edge in trends.

Entrepreneur Magazine featured 10 companies in 10 sectors, and we’re honored and psyched to be highlighted with great companies like Foursquare, Bump, BlockChalk, and others.

The mag said of those of us lucky enough to make the cut that we were "A bold concept perfectly in sync with the moment: What great companies are built on; What shapes the future; Entrepreneurship at its best." Wow. Kango’s blushing.

We’re a small group of guys and ladies working on a big idea. And we are doing it with the help of all you – our fans! Which is why we send a shout out to you, and why we’re so excited to share this endorsement with everyone who helped spread the word about Kango, sent someone a little love through KangoGift, and told us what exciting things you wanted to see happen with mobile gifting.

We also thank our pioneering partners who have given us the chance to bring instant, "thinking of you," gift giving to the world.

It’s gonna be a “brilliant” summer. Ok, we couldn’t resist that one. Kango’s got big ears, and he’s always listening to ways you think KangoGift could be more awesome, so keep ’em coming! Thank you!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kango Loves Brookline!

Hello, Brookline!

You Brooklinians asked for more KangoGift options, so we’re adding two delish spots along Harvard Street. Gari Sushi (Coolidge Corner) and Serenade Chocolatier (Brookline Village).

Boston Magazine said Gari Sushi was “Reinventing the Roll,” Bostonians gave it “Best of City Search,” and Gari Sushi even graced the pages of Stuff Magazine as a “Fusion Favorite” in their What’s Hot section. The intimately small space features modern design, and the food is Japanese-Euro-American fusion, so in addition to Sushi, Maki Rolls, Donburi, and Udon, you get to taste striking numbers like Carpaccio, Carribean Phyllo Crusted Prawns, and Cajun Escolar Tataki. Save room for Tempura Fried Ice Cream. East met West and things never tasted so good.

Serenade Chocolatier brings cocoa all the way from Belgium to make Viennese-style chocolates right in charming Brookline Village. The original recipe came from Austria via “Uncle Bill’’ Federer, who, according to the Globe, sang in the famous Vienna Boys Choir, survived the Dachau concentration camp, and opened Serenade in 1960. Since then, this shop has been layering pure butter, sweet cream, and premium chocolate to create signature pieces like Almond Bark, Marzipan, Sea Salt Caramel, Moca, Green Tea, Honeycomb, Scarlet Orange, and Tango. Send a box of chocolates that’s exquisite on the taste buds and eyes, or order fanciful favors like Serenade’s Chocolate Violin – so much more fun eating than playing.

So enjoy, Brookline folks! We are even having a little 25% off promotion to entice you or a friend to head into Brookline for dinner and a dessert. And check out the latest at our other Coolidge Corner shops – Melt Bath & Skincare and Finale.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches & Frozen Custard

Kango’s all too happy to pack away his Snuggie and get geared up for frozen treats season. And boy, are KangoGift’s new partners taking Kango back to his days as a mere joey, chasing ice cream trucks and asking a Kanga here or there to the local ice cream parlor.

To the great excitement of many of you, we’re adding Rancatore’s Ice Cream and Yogurt (of the Rancatore ice cream family – owner Joe Rancatore’s brother runs Toscanini’s) and Abbott’s Frozen Custard (a century-old and beloved NY state institution that’s finally found its way to the Boston area).

For 25 years, Joe’s been making small batches of ice cream for which Lucky Magazine hailed him “a local hero,” and his homemade hot fudge and butterscotch sauces are what The Boston Globe calls “simply the best around." Ranc’s focuses on the classics, making customers happy with scoops, sundaes, frappes, and ice cream cakes. Best of all, they make old-school ice cream cookie sandwiches, with flavors like Hydrox (a.k.a. the original Oreo). All good reasons why they made #1 on the list of Boston’s “Best Ice Cream Parlors” by Gourmet Magazine. Check them out in Belmont or Lexington.

Just the mention of Abbott’s Frozen Custard joining KangoGift has elicited giddy squeals from former NY Staters. Legend has it that Arthur Abbott perfected the frozen custard at the turn of the century, traveling with small carnivals along the eastern seaboard (and peddling his dessert to support his other love - horse races). Frozen custard is more like soft serve in consistency, and devotees will tell you this is “God’s ice cream.”

Abbott’s has been slow-churning their custard onto cones and dishes and whipping them into shakes, floats, flurries, and frozen novelties like the Custard Wheel and Nutty Dip. Hey, even the Obamas were spotted making a Father’s Day trip to a frozen custard shop, so get with it and go visit The Boston Channel’s Chronicle’s “Summer’s Best Treats.”

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mobile Gift Certificates for Bedford Farms and Sudbury Coffee Works

Ice Cream from an 1880s Farm; Store-Roasted Coffee

Kango’s westward expansion continues – and for two of Kango’s favorite indulgences: coffee and ice cream – made by two unique institutions.

We are really excited to be working with two great local brands to extend their gift programs onto the KangoGift platform.

Sudbury Coffee Works sells premium roasted beans (fresh out of a snazzy French roaster in the corner of their shop), as well as desserts, sandwiches, fresh salads, and of course, ever-fresh cups of coffee and espresso. Owner Dan has two decades of experience in hospitality, and his devoted fans stop in for grilled muffins in the morning and for daily specials at lunch. Of course, coffee is good anytime of day. Check them out, or send a KangoGift to someone who’s already in love with Sudbury Coffee, right on Union, off Route 20/Boston Post Road.

130 years ago, Bedford Farms started out as a real deal dairy farm. They’ve been selling ice cream since the ’40s, making deliveries to customer’s homes, back when the milkman showed up with glass bottles of your daily milk. They’re now the longest running business in the town, and while no longer a working farm, their outrageous and creamy 60 flavors have this ice cream stand seeing the longest lines in town. Open year round, they’ve also got frozen yogurt and soft serve, as well as ice cream pies in Graham Cracker or Oreo crust. The Sundae Party Package for 50 is a sure way to make 50 friends fast. They're now in Bedford and Concord, so show your love and send someone a KangoGift to Bedford Farms – it’s the 21st Century version of the milkman at your doorstep.

Thanks again to all the Kango fans who have embraced KangoGift! We will continue to work with great businesses and ensure we are building a service that you love! We have grand plans and stay tuned for some exciting announcements.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Going (Metro)West for Gelato and Crêpes

Ciao, fans outside Boston city center – we’re expanding westward – to Wellesley and Natick to welcome a pair of delizioso additions to KangoGift: The Gelato Café in Wellesley Center and Melt Gelato & Crêpe Café at the Natick Mall.

We all know we can take food lessons from the Italians, and that’s true when it comes to frozen desserts. For you novices in gelato, the Italian version of ice cream is good-like-nothing-you’ve-had-before creaminess in traditional and natural flavors like Hazelnut, Pistachio, Biscotti, Amaretto, Lemon, Fruits, as well as modern takes like Double Dutch Chocolate, Dark Rum, Peanut Butter, Caramel Brownie, and Key Lime Pie. With lower butterfat content, gelato is less solidly frozen than American ice cream, making it smooth and surprisingly dense in flavor and texture.

Sure, Italy’s got the Coloseum, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Puccini. But could gelato be its real national treasure? Foodies swear by this as the best ice cream in the world, and Kango thinks back to his own jaunt through Venice and Rome, hopping into cozy gelaterias on a quest to taste (and be delighted by) one flavor after another.

Now, without waiting to cross the Atlantic, we’ve got two outstanding options to enjoy gelato, not to mention crêpes (Thank you, France!). The Gelato Café is your full dessert stop in Wellesley, with sorbet, chocolate, espresso and organic coffee (and free Wi-Fi) also on the menu. Over at the Natick Mall, Melt Gelato & Crêpe Café is a good excuse to take a break from putting that dent in your credit card and to indulge in some low-cost treats like sweet or savory crêpes, paninis, and lots of frozen goodness. Buon appetito!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome Club Passim and Cold Stone Creamery

Peace, Love, Rock n’ Roll and … Ice Cream???

You talked, we listened. Frozen goodies and fun experiences (like great music), were at the top of things you wanted to share through KangoGift. Drum roll for our 2 new partners of the week – Cold Stone Creamery (Prudential Center, Boston) and the venerable Club Passim (Harvard Square), where Joan Baez, Tom Rush, Peter Wolf, and Suzanne Vega all cut their musical teeth.

Going on more than 50 now, Club Passim’s hosted generations of jazz, folk, and acoustic musicians on its basement stage, including a very young Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. It’s had its share of run-ins with the Cambridge Police, who twice shut it down. It’s no wonder this place is the subject of countless books and documentaries. But Passim’s still a local and intimate venue, where everyone sits close enough to see the sweat of some famous and soon-to-be-famous brows.

As if we could love them more, this nonprofit club is still about finding and growing local talent, and they support New England musicians through their Iguana Music Fund. The Club Passim Music School has hard-to-find classes for adults and teens in banjo, harmonica, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, voice, songwriting, music theory, and even music business. Passim shares space with Veggie Planet, so there’s plenty of good pizza, beer, and wine on any night.

Kango is excited to make the club's tickets, classes, and memberships instantly available to everyone!

Does Cold Stone even need an intro? Some of you can probably recite the menu in your sleep: Mud Pie Mojo; All Lovin’ No Oven; Cookie Mintster; The Pie That Loved Me; Oreo Overload for their Signature Creations; as well as their non-ice cream goodies like Pies, Cakes, and Cupcakes in flavors like Sweet Cream and Double Chocolate Devotion, along with Smoothies, Shakes, and Blended Coffees.

You know about their granite stone counters and their mix-ins, and so you know this place is also about creativity and making your own flavor. Take any flavor ice cream, made fresh on premises every day, and add in whatever fits your mood. Someone did the math, and there are about 11 million combos you can make with their stuff. And those spade-yielding staff (no scoops here) behind the counter that let you mix in Peanut Butter with Cherry Pie Filling? They actually have to audition, not interview for their jobs. Here, making sure you get your ice cream the way you want it is considered an art.

So know anyone in the Back Bay who can use some sweetness at the end of their day? Any creative souls with a sweet tooth working (or just shopping) around Prudential/Copley? Have Kango surprise them with $5, $10, $25 gift certificates. Or support the musician in your life and treat someone to a class or passes to Club Passim.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mobile Gifting Embraces Valentine's Day

We're feeling kind of warm and fuzzy at KangoGift as we head into our first Valentine's Day.

For starters, the New England Cable News Network profiled us for a Valentine's Day segment. Please take a look and tell us what you think!

We've had so many good things happen recently that we just want to recap some of the highlights.

Since our launch a short while ago, we have added 10 really cool partners including Beacon Hill Chocolates, Club Passim, Red Mango, Cambridge Naturals and Melting Pot.

We also listened to your feedback and added features like a Facebook gift shop and more free (we think funny, others say risque) virtual gifts!

And remember those carnations you sent anonymously in grade school? Those are so '90s! Get with it and text message your secret admirer gifts with our new "anonymous feature."

Kango sends you love and good cheer in the form of V-Day special deals. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day,
P.S. Tell us how we're doing by sharing your feedback here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kango on Film

We love passion here at KangoGift. A few months ago we were presenting at a tech event and met a group of students from Babson who were launching a venture to help emerging brands connect with students. We mentioned that we were eager to make a kango instructional video and they offered to help us out on the spot.

We want to thank the folks over at
MadCap for the eagerness and willingness to film on a frigid Boston morning.

Please take a look and let us know what you think of the vid.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome Beacon Hill Chocolates and Cambridge Naturals

Good Kango. Bad Kango. The latest two stores to join the KangoGift family have Kango pulled in all different directions.

First, the decadent. Thanks to Beacon Hill Chocolates, just named “Best of Boston” by Boston Magazine (“the competition can eat their quirky-candy hearts out,” they declared), perfectly tempered truffles, artisan chocolates from around the globe, and interesting morsels like Caramel Sushi can be sent to someone special for whatever occasion (Not to mention, at the very last minute … Pay attention, guys).

This Charles Street shop is straight-out about the pleasure of chocolate, and we love them for bringing a world of sumptuous cocoa delicacies to Boston. But the coolest thing may be their keepsake boxes that come in a variety of lithographs and vintage postcards, complete with scenes from old Boston. Better yet, you can order your own gift box, like a hand painted version of that photo of you and your Valentine. Talk about setting a new standard for a box of chocolates.

Now, for the healthful. Actually, chocolate is said to have surprising benefits for the body and mind, which the folks at Cambridge Naturals know well. They’ve got organic chocolates that possibly pack as much antioxidants as happiness. And chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac, which is why the Cambridge Naturals staff picked Urban Moonshine Chocolate Love Tonic, a mix of chocolate and herbs to boost vitality in the bedroom, as their product of the month in this month of love.

We’re psyched to add this Porter Square health store, a beloved Cambridge institution, to our site. With their full line of vitamins, supplements, rare teas, locally roasted coffee, and organic foods, as well as natural body care products, Kango’s feeling healthy and relaxed already!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rosie's Bakery Now On KangoGift!!

We’re pretty excited around here at KangoGift HQ these days. Mobile gifting seems to be catching on. Someone recently referred to it as “presentexting.” We thought that was clever.

And we’ve come up with something that could well be our most popular presentext yet. Starting today, we’re going to give our fan base a way to instantly text orgasms to friends. Well, “chocolate orgasms” to be precise.

KangoGift is now partnering with Rosie’s Bakery – a Boston institution, known for decadent, gooey, sweet goodness. Judy Rosenberg, aka Rosie, will tell you this about her scrumptious concoctions “I don't scrimp on the good things: creamery butter, rich chocolate, fresh cream, unbleached flour, whole eggs, pure cane sugar, fresh fruit and nuts are my staples.” So you’re not going to make anyone skinny by instantly text them treats from Rosie’s, but there’s a pretty good chance you’ll make them happy!

While chocolate orgasms are Rosie’s signature treat, there are plenty other products from Rosie’s you can now send through KangoGift are: 6 or 12 Cupcakes, Chocolate Chip Cookies, SoHo Globs, Congo Bars, cheesecakes, brownies, layer cakes and more. Or send a friend a “Roman Holiday” – a cappuccino and a biscotti – just to let them know you’re thinking of him or her.

We’re thrilled about Rosie’s. And we’ve got a few other partners up our sleeve – or in our pouch, as it were. We’ll let you know about those when they’re up and running.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Deal of the Day #8: $20 Fresh Bouquet from Petali Flowers for $5

Good morning everybody, today we are excited to announce a daily deal with our earliest partner, Petali Flowers in Harvard Square. As locals know, Petali does a fabulous job customizing floral bouquets for each customer's taste. We really encourage you to stop by his shop and check out his work.

If you are looking to send flowers, please check out the deal: $20 Fresh Flower bouquet for just $5

As always, the KangoGift will be delivered instantly to a cell phone. When ready the recipient will stop by the shop and create a bouquet.

Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Deal of the Day #7: 60% off Melting Pot Boston

Melt into this Deal: 60% off at Melting Pot Boston Plus, if 25 people buy, everyone gets $5 in KangoCash!

Our goal with this offer is to uncover a few more raving fans of Melting Pot. Kango knows you are out there. :)

For those new to KangGift, our site makes it easy for people to send instant gifts to cell phones as text message vouchers. This means when you send a gift, we will send a unique gift voucher to a friend's phone and all they have to do is show the phone at Melting Pot to use the gift. There are no plastic cards, receipts, just the text message.

We were thrilled to add Melting Pot a few weeks back and are excited to offer this bonus. Please let us know if you go and don't hesitate to share a pic or two on facebook or twitter.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daily Deal #3 - 2 for 1 at Finale Desserterie

Today Kango is excited to announce a sweet deal with one of KangoGift's first partners - Finale Desserterie. This 2 for 1 offer is fun because you can send someone a pre-Valentine gift and send one to yourself. KangoGifts can be used anytime, so there is no reason why you shouldn't stock up!

Quantities are limited and the offer will expire at midnight tonight.

And, don't forget to retweet the deal to be eligible to win $50 in KangoCash!

Happy Eating!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily Deal Jan. 19, 2010 - 60% Romantic Evening Package from Melt Bath and Skin Care

Hello Kango friends and family!

Let's face it, given Boston's continued snow falls, more of us are staying in and blasting through our Tivo's. Today's KangoGift deal of the deal offers something different than following the cast of Jersey Shore!

Melt Products in Coolidge Corner is a fabulous Bath and Skin Care shop that entices visitors with a great selection of soaps, lotions, and skin care products.

Today's Deal is 60% off Melt's Romantic Evening package. The package is only $14.20 and provides for at least four baths! Included in the set:

  • One 8oz bottle of Bubble Bath
  • One moisturizing Massage Bar
  • One 3"x3" Candle in your choice of scent

The recipient will choose from the following scents: Adriatic Fig, Circus of Pears, Desert Lavender, Earth Spirit, Just Plain Nonsense, Lickin' the Beaters, Maharani Mist, Solar Flair, Sweet Rain, Thor

Each KangoGift will be delivered as an SMS voucher which the recipient will use to pick up the gift at 305 Harvard St. in Brookline.

As always, please re-tweet the deal to be eligible to win one of 4 $50 KangoCash vouchers we will be giving away.

Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Some fine print

On Friday January 22 and 29 at 5PM EST, KangoGift will choose two winners from the pool of people who have re-tweeted any of the daily deals. KangoGift will then announce and contact the winners by 6PM each day
There is no purchase necessary to enter the KangoCash giveaway. If you'd like a free entry into the contest, send us an email with your name and contact info to inquiries at kangogift dot com. Quantities are limited.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kango's New Daily Deal and $200 Giveaway

Hello Kango friends and family!

Today is a wet, snowy, day here in Cambridge, MA. The snowblowers are running and people are doing whatever they can to stay warm. The KangoGift team is doing a bit of the same and is using today to announce a new Daily Deal promotion that will run to the end of January.

The purpose of this promotion is to provide our early customers who have made KangoGift with a big fat Thank You! Sure, you are being invited to spend a few bucks, but we think the deals are generous and hopefully will encourage you to tell a friend or two. For example, Kango's first daily deal is a $30 gift certificate to Daedalus Restaurant in Harvard Square for only $5.10!

Kango will also be giving away 4 $50 KangoCash vouchers to people who re-tweet the deal of the day.

Here's how it will work...

1. Each morning Kango will announce his daily deal on Facebook and Twitter
2. Anyone following Kango will be able to take advantage of the deal by clicking the link
3. Each person who re-tweets the deal of the day will be eligible to win $50 in KangoCash. KangoCash is just like cash and can be used for anything on KangoGift and does not expire

If there is a special deal you want to see posted, just let Kango know. Or, just drop a line to say hi!

Happy Winter KangoGifting

Some fine print

On Friday January 22 and 29 at 5PM EST, KangoGift will choose two winners from the pool of people who have re-tweeted any of the daily deals. KangoGift will then announce and contact the winners by 6PM each day
There is no purchase necessary to enter the KangoCash giveaway. If you'd like a free entry into the contest, send us an email with your name and contact info to inquiries at kangogift dot com

Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome Melting Pot

Everything retro’s back, right? Deviled eggs. Red velvet cake. Classic cocktails. And Kango must confess that the image of Betty Draper in a poodle skirt is enough to make this marsupial wish he’d been around in that pre-cell phone decade.

Speaking of melting, now, from Boston’s historic Park Plaza Hotel comes the newest addition to KangoGift - The Melting Pot – a rare fondue restaurant in this city. Fondue’s as retro as you can go in modern American cuisine, when back in the 50s, American skiers in Switzerland caught onto the melted cheese + food combo and the dipping craze took the U.S. by storm.

Thankfully, the Melting Pot doesn’t follow the original 18th Century recipe of using stale cheese, opting instead for fine aged cheeses and oil/broth sauces (like Coq au Vin, Bourguignonne, or Mojo, a mix of Caribbean and citrus flavors), and a full range of chocolate varieties, mix-ins, and liqueurs for their dessert fondues. And fondue’s no longer just about white bread and fruit. There’s a wide selection of meats, seafood, and vegetarian options.

It ain’t all PG-rated nostalgia either. Did we mention the 200 wines (This Melting Pot has a seal of approval from Wine Spectator), not to mention specialty cocktails and beers? The bar menu’s all gourmet nibbles, like Lobster Quesadillas, Savory Skate Skewers, and Kobe Beef Sliders – all with Happy Hour discounts.

The best steals, though might be their special events like:

    Wine down Wednesdays – For $25, try 2 different wines paired with savory bits like Ahi Tuna, Cajun Rubbed New York Strip Sate, Hefeweizen Shrimp, plus a different cheese and chocolate fondue

    Fondue & a Flick – Every Sunday through Friday, get a 3 course meal and ticket to an AMC Movie Theatre for $30. Seriously? Are they pulling Kango’s hind leg?

    Girls Night Out – 3 course meals that include a range of appetizers and drinks (Hammer and Sickle Vodka tastings on Jan 19th’s event). Kango’s heard a psychic has been known to make an appearance, so bring your girlfriends and see what might be in store for you in 2010.

But hey, this place is in the Theater District/Back Bay, so you can find your own post-dinner activities too. Just gather your friends and family for tabletop cooking and good fun communal eating.

Seriously, who told you not to play with your food? Kango says Dip into yum-yum fun. And with 145 locations throughout the U.S., who knows where Kango will hop to next?

P.S. - Throughout Jan, stop by or go to their website to win a trip to L.A.for the premiere of Valentine’s Day, a $100 gift certificate to Melting Pot, or even better, a year’s worth of dining.

Monday, January 4, 2010

KangoGift Expands to all Finale Desserterie Locations

As our friends know, Finale Desserterie has been with KangoGift since launch. They have been a great partner and have been eager to give us feedback on ways we can improve KangoGift's mobile gifting platform. Kango has also been happy to share quite a few chocolate molten cakes with friends and family these past few months. This certainly has not been one of Kango's more difficult tasks.

So, to get to the point, KangoGift is now available at all three Finale locations. That means, you can send your friend a KangoGift from Finale and she can redeem it in Harvard Square, Boston (by the Park Plaza), and in Coolidge Corner. If you are in Coolidge Corner, why not pick up a home spa kit from Melt and then enjoy a treat at Finale.

Thanks Finale for not only expanding to all locations, but for making the world a sweeter place!