Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mobile Gifting Embraces Valentine's Day

We're feeling kind of warm and fuzzy at KangoGift as we head into our first Valentine's Day.

For starters, the New England Cable News Network profiled us for a Valentine's Day segment. Please take a look and tell us what you think!

We've had so many good things happen recently that we just want to recap some of the highlights.

Since our launch a short while ago, we have added 10 really cool partners including Beacon Hill Chocolates, Club Passim, Red Mango, Cambridge Naturals and Melting Pot.

We also listened to your feedback and added features like a Facebook gift shop and more free (we think funny, others say risque) virtual gifts!

And remember those carnations you sent anonymously in grade school? Those are so '90s! Get with it and text message your secret admirer gifts with our new "anonymous feature."

Kango sends you love and good cheer in the form of V-Day special deals. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day,
P.S. Tell us how we're doing by sharing your feedback here.


  1. Loved the NECN segment, even though it looked like it was filmed in 1989 (to say nothing of the guys on-camera). Keep Kango'ing!

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