Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Entrepreneur Magazine Calls KangoGift Brilliant! (And Bold!)

Hey, you trend-setters embracing Mobile Gifting – you’re ahead of the curve! You’ve been sharing your excitement and offering us enthusiastic support as we introduced this new concept to a lot of people who first said, “Huh? Gifts by phone?”

We thought we were operating under the radar until Entrepreneur Magazine named KangoGift one of the “100 Most Brilliant Ideas for 2010.” Yes, that glossy magazine that lists the Who’s Who of who’s on the cutting edge in trends.

Entrepreneur Magazine featured 10 companies in 10 sectors, and we’re honored and psyched to be highlighted with great companies like Foursquare, Bump, BlockChalk, and others.

The mag said of those of us lucky enough to make the cut that we were "A bold concept perfectly in sync with the moment: What great companies are built on; What shapes the future; Entrepreneurship at its best." Wow. Kango’s blushing.

We’re a small group of guys and ladies working on a big idea. And we are doing it with the help of all you – our fans! Which is why we send a shout out to you, and why we’re so excited to share this endorsement with everyone who helped spread the word about Kango, sent someone a little love through KangoGift, and told us what exciting things you wanted to see happen with mobile gifting.

We also thank our pioneering partners who have given us the chance to bring instant, "thinking of you," gift giving to the world.

It’s gonna be a “brilliant” summer. Ok, we couldn’t resist that one. Kango’s got big ears, and he’s always listening to ways you think KangoGift could be more awesome, so keep ’em coming! Thank you!

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