Monday, August 16, 2010

Kango Loves "Foodie Nights"

Last week the Kango team had a blast presenting at the Mass Innovation "Foodie Nights" event. As our close friends know already, KangoGift tends to partner with restaurants because sharing one's love for food with friends is as old as time. We just use mobile technology to make the art of gift giving easier and with a little more flair.

In fact we've found many KangoGift users send gifts to make dessert dates or to celebrate special occasions. We are grateful that you all use Kango so regularly and are always looking to hear from you on places perfect for us.

Speaking of passion... we met some great new friends at the event including the folks from Eversave Boston, TopSprouts, 1FastBite, Batch Ice Cream, Boston Chocolate Tours, and MysteryMeet .

If you are in the Boston area, please take a moment to check out these new companies. They are doing great things for sustainability, artisanal hand-crafted food, and uniting like-minded food lovers and deserve our support. We look forward to working with them as we all look to share our excitement of eating.

And we'd like to extend an extra special thanks to Bobbi Carlton who coordinated the evening and deserves a round of applause for bringing together a great group of folks.

And here's a video of Thad's presentation if you want to see Kango in action!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier in Madison, Wis Embraces Mobile Gifting

Earlier this summer, a few passionate Kango users wrote in and asked to be able to send gifts to their friends in other cities. We listened carefully and started asking business owners in a few places if a service like KangoGift would be right for them.

Along the way, we had the pleasure to connect with Gail Ambrosisus who owns an award-winning chocolate store in Madison, Wis.

Calling her chocolate amazing may be an understatement. Just ask any of her many loyal followers. Or, ask the Food Network which just awarded her the "Best Little Box of Chocolates" in America.

We are grateful to Gail for helping KangoGift bring Mobile Gifting to Madison and look forward to making sure her chocoholics always have a way to stay connected.
Feel free to check out the press release or even send a gift to someone you may know out that way. The gold bellied Buddhas are our favorite!