Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome Club Passim and Cold Stone Creamery

Peace, Love, Rock n’ Roll and … Ice Cream???

You talked, we listened. Frozen goodies and fun experiences (like great music), were at the top of things you wanted to share through KangoGift. Drum roll for our 2 new partners of the week – Cold Stone Creamery (Prudential Center, Boston) and the venerable Club Passim (Harvard Square), where Joan Baez, Tom Rush, Peter Wolf, and Suzanne Vega all cut their musical teeth.

Going on more than 50 now, Club Passim’s hosted generations of jazz, folk, and acoustic musicians on its basement stage, including a very young Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. It’s had its share of run-ins with the Cambridge Police, who twice shut it down. It’s no wonder this place is the subject of countless books and documentaries. But Passim’s still a local and intimate venue, where everyone sits close enough to see the sweat of some famous and soon-to-be-famous brows.

As if we could love them more, this nonprofit club is still about finding and growing local talent, and they support New England musicians through their Iguana Music Fund. The Club Passim Music School has hard-to-find classes for adults and teens in banjo, harmonica, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, voice, songwriting, music theory, and even music business. Passim shares space with Veggie Planet, so there’s plenty of good pizza, beer, and wine on any night.

Kango is excited to make the club's tickets, classes, and memberships instantly available to everyone!

Does Cold Stone even need an intro? Some of you can probably recite the menu in your sleep: Mud Pie Mojo; All Lovin’ No Oven; Cookie Mintster; The Pie That Loved Me; Oreo Overload for their Signature Creations; as well as their non-ice cream goodies like Pies, Cakes, and Cupcakes in flavors like Sweet Cream and Double Chocolate Devotion, along with Smoothies, Shakes, and Blended Coffees.

You know about their granite stone counters and their mix-ins, and so you know this place is also about creativity and making your own flavor. Take any flavor ice cream, made fresh on premises every day, and add in whatever fits your mood. Someone did the math, and there are about 11 million combos you can make with their stuff. And those spade-yielding staff (no scoops here) behind the counter that let you mix in Peanut Butter with Cherry Pie Filling? They actually have to audition, not interview for their jobs. Here, making sure you get your ice cream the way you want it is considered an art.

So know anyone in the Back Bay who can use some sweetness at the end of their day? Any creative souls with a sweet tooth working (or just shopping) around Prudential/Copley? Have Kango surprise them with $5, $10, $25 gift certificates. Or support the musician in your life and treat someone to a class or passes to Club Passim.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mobile Gifting Embraces Valentine's Day

We're feeling kind of warm and fuzzy at KangoGift as we head into our first Valentine's Day.

For starters, the New England Cable News Network profiled us for a Valentine's Day segment. Please take a look and tell us what you think!

We've had so many good things happen recently that we just want to recap some of the highlights.

Since our launch a short while ago, we have added 10 really cool partners including Beacon Hill Chocolates, Club Passim, Red Mango, Cambridge Naturals and Melting Pot.

We also listened to your feedback and added features like a Facebook gift shop and more free (we think funny, others say risque) virtual gifts!

And remember those carnations you sent anonymously in grade school? Those are so '90s! Get with it and text message your secret admirer gifts with our new "anonymous feature."

Kango sends you love and good cheer in the form of V-Day special deals. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day,
P.S. Tell us how we're doing by sharing your feedback here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kango on Film

We love passion here at KangoGift. A few months ago we were presenting at a tech event and met a group of students from Babson who were launching a venture to help emerging brands connect with students. We mentioned that we were eager to make a kango instructional video and they offered to help us out on the spot.

We want to thank the folks over at
MadCap for the eagerness and willingness to film on a frigid Boston morning.

Please take a look and let us know what you think of the vid.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome Beacon Hill Chocolates and Cambridge Naturals

Good Kango. Bad Kango. The latest two stores to join the KangoGift family have Kango pulled in all different directions.

First, the decadent. Thanks to Beacon Hill Chocolates, just named “Best of Boston” by Boston Magazine (“the competition can eat their quirky-candy hearts out,” they declared), perfectly tempered truffles, artisan chocolates from around the globe, and interesting morsels like Caramel Sushi can be sent to someone special for whatever occasion (Not to mention, at the very last minute … Pay attention, guys).

This Charles Street shop is straight-out about the pleasure of chocolate, and we love them for bringing a world of sumptuous cocoa delicacies to Boston. But the coolest thing may be their keepsake boxes that come in a variety of lithographs and vintage postcards, complete with scenes from old Boston. Better yet, you can order your own gift box, like a hand painted version of that photo of you and your Valentine. Talk about setting a new standard for a box of chocolates.

Now, for the healthful. Actually, chocolate is said to have surprising benefits for the body and mind, which the folks at Cambridge Naturals know well. They’ve got organic chocolates that possibly pack as much antioxidants as happiness. And chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac, which is why the Cambridge Naturals staff picked Urban Moonshine Chocolate Love Tonic, a mix of chocolate and herbs to boost vitality in the bedroom, as their product of the month in this month of love.

We’re psyched to add this Porter Square health store, a beloved Cambridge institution, to our site. With their full line of vitamins, supplements, rare teas, locally roasted coffee, and organic foods, as well as natural body care products, Kango’s feeling healthy and relaxed already!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rosie's Bakery Now On KangoGift!!

We’re pretty excited around here at KangoGift HQ these days. Mobile gifting seems to be catching on. Someone recently referred to it as “presentexting.” We thought that was clever.

And we’ve come up with something that could well be our most popular presentext yet. Starting today, we’re going to give our fan base a way to instantly text orgasms to friends. Well, “chocolate orgasms” to be precise.

KangoGift is now partnering with Rosie’s Bakery – a Boston institution, known for decadent, gooey, sweet goodness. Judy Rosenberg, aka Rosie, will tell you this about her scrumptious concoctions “I don't scrimp on the good things: creamery butter, rich chocolate, fresh cream, unbleached flour, whole eggs, pure cane sugar, fresh fruit and nuts are my staples.” So you’re not going to make anyone skinny by instantly text them treats from Rosie’s, but there’s a pretty good chance you’ll make them happy!

While chocolate orgasms are Rosie’s signature treat, there are plenty other products from Rosie’s you can now send through KangoGift are: 6 or 12 Cupcakes, Chocolate Chip Cookies, SoHo Globs, Congo Bars, cheesecakes, brownies, layer cakes and more. Or send a friend a “Roman Holiday” – a cappuccino and a biscotti – just to let them know you’re thinking of him or her.

We’re thrilled about Rosie’s. And we’ve got a few other partners up our sleeve – or in our pouch, as it were. We’ll let you know about those when they’re up and running.