Tuesday, August 9, 2011

France Embraces Mobile Gifting

It has been a busy summer for the KangoGift team! In addition to being a finalist in the MassChallenge startup competition, KangoGift was recently named a YEi France Laureate for 2011. What does this mean for all of you fans of mobile gifting?

YEi France is a French American accelerator for innovative startups sponsored by Retis (The French Innovation Network) and Invest in France among other groups that aim to bring emerging technologies to France. 

It turns out our beloved Kango and our goal of making it is easy to send small, thoughtful, gifts to any mobile device is ready to be embraced by people all around the world. 

This fall the Kango team will go to Paris and meet with companies, marketing agencies, and conduct focus groups with consumers to find ways to extend mobile gifting to the French market. Our team has already started chatting with people in Europe and is very excited about the reception we have received. Some of you may not know that the Kango team has lived or worked in more than 10 countries, so we love thinking big!

In coming years, 15 - 34 year-olds will account for nearly 60% of all mobile commerce purchases and mobile internet usage among French consumers is one of the fastest growing groups in Europe. Marketing stats aside, the world is ready to receive personalized gifts on their phones in almost any country. 

This opportunity will only help our customers here in the US as we hope to incorporate a little French flavor into upcoming enhancements to KangoGift. 

If there is one lesson to share it has to be that in this flat world we live in, emerging technologies can be adapted to global markets quickly and with local consumers in mind. 

We want to thank everyone for giving the Kango team this opportunity and we look forward to reporting back once we return from France. 

Feel free to send Todd a note if you know someone in France we should meet or if you have any advice for us as we think about going global. Thanks everyone!

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