Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Ready for MassChallenge's Startup Showcase

Last night our minds were on getting ready for MassChallenge's Startup Showcase which will be held on Tuesday September 27 at 6pm. The most fun part for us will be that we will be demoing our new employee recognition tool to more than 350 people!

But first, we decided to add a little Kango flavor to the MassChallenge offices here at Fan Pier and want to share some pics. 

Step 1: Hang a banner

Ignoring the rounded corners on the banner, we love celebrating the 1-2-3 nature of Kango! 

Step 2: Add Kango Logo to the Idea Paint Walls

Idea Paint is just plain awesome and we had fun stenciling in our beloved Kango on the walls!

If you are in Boston and want to say hi, please register for the event! Plus the view from the 14th floor overlooking the Boston harbor is very nice. 

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