Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saving Time with the Gift of TaskRabbit

Kango meet Rabbit, Rabbit meet Kango! 

This is a blog post we are super excited to be writing. Starting today people can now instantly give the gift of TaskRabbit to friends, colleagues, and anyone who could use a little extra time. 

If you aren't familiar with TaskRabbit, it's a new service where people post tasks such as "pick up dry cleaning" and a member of the TaskRabbit community will do the errand. There are many things that make TaskRabbit special, but the convenience and good karma factor stand out on top. 

TaskRabbit is creating a whole new marketplace of people who are looking to off load some extra work and create meaningful employment for others. They are getting tons of attention including a recent piece on ABC News and are now active in Boston, San Fran, NYC, Chicago, and LA. 

For the Kango community, being able to send credit to the TaskRabbit service taps into our goal of offering unique and thoughtful gifts. And since TaskRabbit operates in major cities, Kango fans can now send gifts way beyond Boston. Each gift is delivered as a $25 or $50 credit which can be applied toward any posted task. Recipients redeem directly on their website.  

In coming months you will see companies who use our employee recognition service give TaskRabbit credit as a perk or reward to co-workers.

Let's say a team member worked extra late finishing up the big project. Who wouldn't want a little reward to offload some errands and regain some peace of mind?

As many folks already know, Kango is about the little things and being able to be instant and thoughtful with employee feedback is in Kango's genes.

To kick things off, we will be asking people on Facebook and Twitter how they would use TaskRabbit  Would people use it for the everyday needs like pick up groceries or assemble that Ikea desk? Or will people go all out and ask for help learning a new skill? A winner will receive a gift to try out the service! 

Kangos and Rabbits unite!

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