Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vegas, Social Recognition, and Being Named "The Next Big Thing"

Celebrating the small things in life shouldn't be hard. Yet, we all get busy, forget, or can't find the right way to say thanks to those close to us. 

This is an occasion where we definitely won't forget to celebrate the opportunity we had last week to unveil our newest social recognition product at the Prepaid Expo in Las Vegas. 

As many of you know, we have recently turned our attention to helping companies ensure people get the recognition they deserve the moment they do something awesome. 

Let's say a colleague worked extra hard finishing up a project. With our new platform you can send her a cup of coffee instantly to her phone and then share the recognition internally and on social media to celebrate the moment. It's all about celebrating great work "in the moment" and amplifying it. 

The big idea is to make it easy to say thanks. 

We even put together a new video summarizing what we've been up to these past few months. It's not just the normal KangoGift website, it's an entirely new recognition platform geared for companies of all sizes. 

And here are a few pics from the launch... 

What made this launch even sweeter was that the expo team selected KangoGift to be featured as a "Next Big Thing" in digital gifting. 

All Great Companies

Plus it didn't hurt to have the chance to go on a big stage and present in front of our industry peers. 

Todd presenting social recognition

Thanks again to the team at the Prepaid Expo and to the companies piloting our newest product!