Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MITX Innovation Award Nomination!

This week we learned that KangoGift was named a Finalist for an Innovation Award sponsored by the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange (MITX). This is very exciting news since our nomination is based on our "soon-to-be-released" instant recognition tool where we are looking to make it easy to thanks at work. 

Thank you MITX and everyone who has helped shape this new product. We have our fingers crossed for the June 12th ceremony. 

Our philosophy as you know has always been about the celebrating the small things and just saying thanks can go a very long way in making someone feel appreciated. It turns out that many employees don't feel like they are getting the recognition they deserve and we want to change that. Consider this our shift from instant gifts to instant recognition in the workplace. 

Saying thanks just works and if done in a timely way, both the recognizer and recipient will feel a little more engaged in their work. Of course we will be adding the Kango touch to make recognition instant, mobile, and a little fun. 

In the coming days we will share more about the product and how you can check it out. For now, here are the 4 guiding principles we used when designing the tool. These guidelines are rooted in recognition theory shared by the major HR thought leaders. We are simply posting what many already know on a gut level.

In order for recognition to be effective, many say that it must be...

1. Immediate
2. Specific
3. Public
4. Repeated regularly 

We thought deeply about each component and believe we've put something together that many will enjoy using including executives, managers, and employees. 

More to come, but we wanted to celebrate the MITX nomination and share it with you all! 

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