Monday, August 6, 2012

KangoGift Named a Finalist for Mobile Innovation of the Year

A few weeks ago we were pleasantly surprised to learn that MassTLC named KangoGift a finalist in the category of Mobile Innovation of the Year! Go Team! 

What makes this award nomination particularly sweet is that the award is based on our newest employee recognition product which is now used by thousands of employees! It's very exciting to be highlighted for a product that is only months old. 

As many Kango followers know, we recently extended our micro-gift concept into companies where co-workers can give informal recognition and small gifts instantly from their mobile devices or desktop. For example, after a colleague nails a client presentation, the manager can give a small reward like a cup of coffee from her phone, deliver the gift instantly to the recipient's mobile device, and then share the recognition within the company. 

The idea is to make it easy to say thanks and make sure people get the recognition they deserve for going above and beyond. 

There is a lot of talk about social HR these days. For us, the important thing is to provide companies a platform that makes it easy to give informal and frequent praise with the benefit of sending a tangible gift. 

With our team's HR background, we find the ability for companies to offer a standardized way to deliver employee recognition very attractive. Not only are the pat on the back moments captured in one system, managers now have a tool to give informal recognition on the go. And for employees, it's always a morale boost to feel appreciated and receive a small thank you gift. 

We could go on and on, but we have to get back to work. 

Thanks to our corporate customers and the Kango team for working together to develop what some are calling the "Mobile Innovation of the Year"!

Todd, Founder/CEO


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