Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 Things That Makes Us the Most Proud of the New KangoGift

As many of you know, after watching people use Kango to give small, thoughtful gifts to friends and family we saw an opportunity to bring our concept of "Making it easy to say thanks" into the workplace. 

For those new to KangoGift, we offer a way for companies to standardize and deliver an informal employee recognition program that is aligned with the big company goals. We enjoy working with HR leaders at some pretty amazing companies. 

For employees our platform is a way to celebrate the small wins by sending gifts to peers for doing great work. Immediate and instant recognition coupled with a real gift like $25 from Amazon is much more effective than recognition that is given months later. 

Our key feature is that people send colleagues real gifts instantly from the computer or mobile device and share the recognition within the company. It's cool and we'd love to show you. Who doesn't want to receive a little pick me up for doing a great job?

Here's what we are most proud of now that thousands of employees are using our recognition platform.

1. Being in the Joy business 

One of our fantastic mentors shared his philosophy on the two types of businesses in this world. 

Pain Relief - Businesses that help you do something faster, cheaper

Joy - Businesses that help make your life just a little bit better

We knew from day one that we were a joy business, but hearing this from companies has been a great validation. 

2. Creating an impact

We are fortunate to work with one of the largest companies in the world. We can't name names, but we are thrilled to have the chance to roll out our platform to thousands of employees. 

The best part of this collaboration is that the team that championed our approach of informal recognition won  an internal innovation award for the way saying thanks impacted corporate culture. Now, that's cool! 

We are proud to have developed a tool for the workplace that people find meaningful and enjoy using. 

3. Changing the way people work

The HR technology world is full new tools with buzzwords like mobile, social, cloud, collaboration, etc. While we check off all those boxes, the most important thing is that we have developed technology that people enjoy using and use to increase employee satisfaction. 

Thanks for everyone who has been part of KangoGift!

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