Thursday, November 1, 2012

Top 3 Ways Companies Use KangoGift to Foster a Thank You Culture

We have some exciting news and insight to share about how companies are embracing KangoGift as a way to make it easy to say thanks at work. 

As a company tapping into the rise of the social and collaborative workplace, we find this to be an amazing time to enhance the way people work. 

There are many, many HR tools out there and we are proud of the way our clients are benefiting from the simple idea that celebrating great work the moment it happens leads to a more engaged and productive workplace. 

Here are the top 3 ways companies are using our recognition platform. Hopefully some of these ideas will spark you and your teams to consider ways these new tools can be embraced. 

1. Reinforcing recognition with something tangible

Informal and frequent praise is important in today's work culture.  Social praise is effective and we are strong proponents of it. However, we also believe in the power of acknowledging someone's effort with a real reward. 

Our approach of micro-rewards such as a dinner or a gift card from Amazon that is sent instantly as digital gift cards and redeemable immediately ensures the recipient feels appreciated and engaged. 

A popular example of this is the co-worker who stays late to finish the big project or who helps a colleague in another department finish a key report. Acknowledging that effort with an instant reward sent to the mobile device or email is a natural way to show appreciation. 

2. Capturing those "Pat on the back moments" 

All clients use KangoGift as a way to align recognition with corporate values. A key insight we've learned is how companies are looking to capture and collect these informal moments within one system. 

The benefit of empowering everyone to give recognition on a social platform is the ability to report on and understand who when and why people are being recognized. 

Our employee recognition statements provides managers and HR with a real-time glimpse into the workforce. This visibility is not possible with traditional offline recognition programs. 

3. Helping managers be more productive 

Many managers say they understand the importance of recognition, but either forget or don't have an easy way to deliver it. And some managers may not know the best way to give recognition. 

Understanding these challenges, companies find that a social platform not only leads to higher quality recognition, but also increases the frequency in which people give recognition. Utilizing a tool with best practices built in ensures recognition is timely and done according to the company's program goals. 

By using our platform, we've seen managers increase the total number of recognitions by as much as 50% on average, with higher adoption and utilization rates from managers. 

The Big Idea

Our vision is to make it easy to say thanks at work. We are working hard to make that possible with the idea that informal frequent recognition reinforced with a real reward sent digitally leads to higher performing organizations. 

Recognition taps into the natural behavior of how managers want to lead and how employees want to be appreciated. 

While there are many trends in the social workplace, offering a social, mobile, and collaborative way to engage is critical. 

Please reach out if you want to talk about these trends. We love this stuff and are happy to share some insights. 

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