Thursday, January 3, 2013

Webinar on 1/24 with - Top 5 Ways Companies use Social Media for Recognition

Happy New Year! We are excited to announce that Todd will be leading a webinar along with on January 24, 2013. The topic will be ways companies are using social tools for employee recognition. 

We are huge fans of celebrating the small wins at work with a simple thank you and were tickled with agreed to do a session on how recognition is becoming more instant and amplified with the rise of the social enterprise. 

We hope you can join us and feel free to share some ideas you'd like to see covered. 

You can register here and a full description is listed below. 

Today only 5% of companies have embraced social media as a way to facilitate employee collaboration and recognition. Why is this? Do companies fear losing control, are there a lack of tools to standardize social interactions at work, or are employees just not ready? 

In this session, Todd Horton Founder/CEO of KangoGift will present new research into the adoption of social tools and discuss the top 5 ways companies are starting to use social media for employee recognition. 

Topics covered will include ways social media can be used as an informal way to recognize employees and the opportunities presented by these new tools. The session will look at best practices companies are using with internal social tools along with tactics to tap into the power of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 

As teams look for more instant ways to communicate, collaboration and recognition present the most pressing opportunities. Join us as we look at how social can be used to align and engage your workforce. 

Attendees of this session will gain a framework for thinking about how to utilize social tools, the benefit of reaching a younger workforce, how mobile is part of the solution, and metrics for measuring success.

As more employees use their mobile devices for work, the smartphone offers a tremendous opportunity to facilitate real-time collaboration and feedback among colleagues. This mobile connected workforce seeks to not just receive information, but contribute to HR processes like performance reviews, feedback, project management, and recognition. 

This session will close with ways mobile workforces are embracing the consumerization of the social workplace.