Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bringing Instant Recognition Global

Over the past few months, we've had the pleasure of working with a few large multinational companies to think about ways they can make employee recognition more timely and effective for their global employees.

We are pleased to share that managers across France, Germany, Canada, and the Czech Republic are now using KangoGift to give recognition in a culturally relevant way. 

This is a huge step forward for us and we are grateful to the companies who helped us ensure our approach of making it easy to say thanks is compatible with employees across cultures and locations. 

The common theme in all of our conversations has been how can multinational companies deliver a social recognition program that is measurable, visible, and meaningful to employees everywhere. 

One simple yet important insight we tackled is that some cultures prefer private one-on-one feedback while others prefer to deliver recognition to a group or team rather than single a person out. And another theme was how public to make the recognition. Not everyone wants to be in the spotlight on internal news feeds or even on social media.

These important insights led us to adapt KangoGift to support a global audience and enable colleagues to reinforce the recognition with a reward from local brands. 

The benefit for companies continues to be the chance to have more timely insight into who, when, and why employees are being recognized across a common platform.

With this new global approach the focus continues to be on making it easy for a colleague anywhere to deliver praise and tie recognition to a company's values. 

The good news is that all companies are getting more social, connected, and looking for ways to extend their corporate cultures to all employees. The ability to bring together timely feedback and recognition is one item that's top of mind for companies we work with and we love the chance to go global.

As one example, we are thrilled to be working with RETIS France which is a network of innovation hubs across France helping to nurture emerging companies. They are a perfect partner for KangoGift and it's been great to learn how a French audience responds to our newer form of recognition. 

Global recognition is a vast topic, however by focusing on the employee and making it easy to deliver culturally relevant praise, we are seeing a tremendous desire to bring employees together.

International is core to how we are thinking about employee recognition and we are working on more exciting innovations to help companies deliver a common way to capture those pat on the back moments.

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