Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Social with IBM Connections

Our goal of making it easy to celebrate great work the moment it happens took a huge step forward this week. 

We are thrilled to announce that we integrated our social recognition platform with IBM ConnectionsIDC has named Connections the #1 Worldwide Market Leader in Social Software four years in a row.

What this means aside from KangoGift being named a "Ready for Social Business" Partner is that organizations can easily turn on an employee recognition solution that captures, amplifies, and measures the workforce without much effort.

Now from Connections, if a colleague went above and beyond on a project, you can say thank you, include real gift like dinner at Macaroni Grill, share the praise with your network, and add a positive data point to the colleague's performance dashboard. 

We know from working with large organizations, that employees crave a way to give timely praise and reinforce great work. And the ability to attach a small gift strengthens the impact. And with this integration, companies don't have to implement a stand alone recognition platform. 

As companies embrace smarter workforce strategies, we are proud to bring our approach of capturing timely performance data and using that information to assess engagement, high performing employees, and uncover those ripe for a promotion. Maybe someday our recognition data will feed into IBM's Watson to help HR departments manage teams. 

We made a video highlighting how it all works or feel to check out our site to learn more

Thank you to everyone on the IBM team for embracing social HR and for working closely with us to bring our recognition product to companies.

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