Thursday, August 15, 2013

Social HR and IBM Connections

We recently shared that we integrated KangoGift's employee recognition capabilities with IBM Connections. We may have to put Kango in a blue suit! 

More seriously, this was a great opportunity for us to work with companies looking to use Connections for more HR focused activities. 

Building on this announcement we'd like to highlight a few ways companies can think about transforming traditional HR processes into more social activities. 

IBM has a stated goal of developing a "Smarter Workforce" and we believe HR tools built into social platforms can transform many HR "tasks" from annual or semi-annual events to on-going conversations that are part of the way people work today. 

The benefits are many and include more structured and timely data along with new ways to report on the pulse of the workforce.

We've embedded a few of our thoughts on this trend and you can download it from KangoGift.


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