Thursday, September 26, 2013

NECINA Keynote: The Workplace in 2020

This past Saturday members of the New England Chinese Information and Networking Association (NECINA) invited Todd from the Kango team to keynote their annual conference. 

This year's theme was global e-commerce and Todd was asked to share an international HR perspective on what the people-side of the future workplace may look like. The presentation is embedded below and accessible on Slideshare and on KangoGift

The main takeaway of the talk was to highlight four people-centered trends that are shaping the way we manage companies, teams, and our personal careers. 

1. Global Mindset 
It is becoming increasingly important for us to seamlessly work with colleagues across the globe and have the cultural IQ to make real connections with the people we collaborate in order to advance a company's mission. 

Samsung is a leader in this area not only with a well-respected global talent attraction and development program, but also programs to help a global workforce understand each other. 

2. "Instant-ness"
There is little doubt that employees are communicating and collaborating in near real-time. As part of this shift, people almost expect instant access to people and information. 

Technology is helping facilitate this trend and people are learning how to operate in an instant workplace where employee feedback, coaching, and answers are expected in a timely way. 

The French company Atos is taking a lead with their mission to end the use of email. They are promoting other forms of communication to keep employees connected and sharing ideas efficiently. 

3. Location free 
The physical work space of the future is changing with companies like JetBlue encouraging people to work anywhere and anytime. Another example is IBM with their focus on creating innovation centers around the world where employees can visit to work and collaborate in order to maintain flexibility. 

4. Why am I here?
Companies are always competing for talent and the companies of the future are clarifying what they offer to the most attractive employees. In addition to career flexibility and growth, a company's social mission and impact outside of profit is increasingly being asked by prospective candidates. 

It was fun and lively talk and we'd like to give a huge thanks to the NECINA team for bringing together a great group of people interested in hearing an HR keynote on a Saturday morning. 

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