Friday, December 6, 2013

Top 5 HR Process Ripe for the Social Enterprise

Recently the team at Monster invited Todd Horton from the KangoGift team to lead a webinar on the "Top 5 HR Processes Ripe for the Social Enterprise". 

We want to thank everyone at Monster for the chance to participate in their on-going thought leadership series and encourage you to check out their events. 

For this talk, Todd shared some ideas on what areas of HR are well suited to social organizations. There is a lot of buzz around social these days, but generally everyone agrees that as we enter into a period of real time communication at work, many HR tasks are adapting to this new way of work.

A copy of the presentation is embedded below and if you have the time, a full recording is available. 

Top HR Processes Ripe for a Social Enterprise from KangoGift

Here is the presentation summary. 

It’s pretty clear by now that the way people work is changing with the rise of the social enterprise. Forrester predicts organizations will spend in excess of $5B on social tools by 2016 and HR is eager to tap into this workplace transformation by focusing on areas most conducive to social interactions.
In this session, Todd Horton will highlight the top 5 HR processes well suited for a social enterprise. Based on recent research and a study of what has worked (and what hasn’t) for early adopters, Todd will share how companies are making employee centered tasks more timely, data rich, and effective.
The session will begin with a framework HR can use when thinking of implementing social technology and include a discussion around
1. Converting traditional HR processes from infrequent tasks to on-going conversations.
2. Capturing and reporting on timely data to create a smarter workforce
3. Tapping into a spirit of “getting things done” with simple tools.
The session will offer examples of how HR leaders have implemented programs to capture the benefits of these new breed of tools. Areas covered will include recruiting, employee feedback, performance reviews, on-boarding, and knowledge management.
The session will close with metrics and model dashboards organizations are using to measure the impact of a social HR strategy.